• Brian Gustin

So far, getting there.

Well, the website is fairly well fleshed out, I still have a lot of content to add, more events, offerings and posts to edit, but it's just about all there. I only have a very limited product page at the moment, mainly because I suddenly realized that I need to shoot some quality photos of all the items I have available. - Most all of them seem to be just quick snapshots from my cell phone that I'd been posting to facebook. However I also have several projects in progress as well that I want and need to finish... So.. I have moved getting photos done up a few notches on my to-do priority list, but they are no where near the top of the list just yet.

I am still needing to go through my old work bench and shop cart and sort through and organize all the tools and doo-dads leftover from the small engine shop.. I probably will end up selling a lot of that as well, much of it I'll hardly ever use, and most likely won't even miss them. Then I plan on moving around some things in the shop, and tearing down that ancient work bench (it came with the house's garage when the place was bought in the 1960's, and the house was built in the early 1920's or so..) - So, I may find some interesting woods to re-purpose, if they are not all completely soaked in a hundred years' worth of oil and grease. I'd probably repair it, if I could, but the wood itself is just too far gone, and it is falling apart at the seams..

So.. just an update of where I am at so far..

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