• Brian Gustin

Gone to the Farmer's Markets

Well, after several hectic weeks, a funeral service and other personal days, I have finally been able to get back into the swing of things, and pick up where I left off. For the most part, I had been showing my work at just the one Farmer's Market in Coudersport, PA (Potter County Farmer's Market) , and having had to skip the last one yesterday (That is always on a Friday afternoon) I decided to drop in to another one to the west - Turtlepoint, PA Farmer's Market at the Turtlepoint Community Park on Route 155 north of Port Allegany, PA. That one runs just once a month on the second Saturday of the month, from June through October.

Ended up running into several old friends and folks I'd known since High School, and had a rather enjoyable day. I was able to take my dad along so he could get out of the house and socialize and visit a bit as well. I enjoyed the variety of different items available from those vendors (and bought a few things, myself.)

Gaining a little more experience at these markets, and talking with the customers that stop by is a great help in focusing my work into projects that people seem to really like. Another thing I noticed is that the visitors and customers at the different markets all do seem to have different tastes and preferences, so it is another lesson learned; What may go over well at one market does not necessarily work well at the others.

Since this is actually my first year doing markets and craft fairs, I'm taking things slowly, and feeling my way along, seeing what works, and gaining some pretty good feedback. Perhaps next year I may sign up and attend more (and further away) markets once I have a good "kit" together (displays, checkout accessories, forms, and other portable essentials) and perhaps make my work available to a wider market.

I am also finding the particular "categories" of items I enjoy creating, which of course typically results in finer quality of work as well.

I'd highly recommend everybody to visit your local Farmer's Markets any chance you get, as very often they are not only just a great source of fresh locally grown produce, but a great source for unique and useful products that you simply will not find anywhere else!